Provide safe and convenient Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)
Provide mobility services to 100 million people worldwide by 2030
Management Team
Yon Wui NG
Yon Wui NG
Founder & CEO

-18 years of aviation design experience mainly in China, Australia, and Europe. 

-Headed Geely Terrafugia TF-2A eVTOL aircraft development while acting as Vice GM for the company.

-Previously Head of Engineering for Airbus Beijing Engineering Centre. EASA Part 21 Subpart J Delegated Authority via Airbus DOA.

-Participated in various Australian GA aircraft and helicopter designs & modifications. CASA Weight & Balance Authority. 

-MBA & Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering in Australia.

Co-Founder & CMO

-Entrepreneur for several start-ups in the line of online services, AI and autonomous drive. 

-Proficient in marketing, branding, public relations, government affairs, and fundraising.

-SVP of Shanghai Autoflight mainly in charge of company strategy and fundraising.

-VP of DeepBlue Technology Intelligent Environment BU responsible for AI Road Sweeper and AI Sanitization and Vacuum Robot products.

-Co-founder of ZaiJiaAdd online-store.

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

-Proficient with airworthiness certification and aircraft integration.

-Co-founder and chief engineer of Oxai Aircraft leading the M2 amphibious light sport aircraft development which received TC from CAAC.

-Chief engineer of Geely Terrafugia China in charge of the TF-2A eVTOL aircraft R&D.

-Designed many different configurations of large MTOW drones. 

TANG Xiaoming (Shawn)
TANG Xiaoming (Shawn)
Co-Founder & COO

-International & Fortune 500 carmaker experience focusing on car integration, eletric propulsion system, and aerodynamic analysis.

-Head of Engineering for Geely Terrafugia China leading the TF-2A eVTOL aircraft R&D.

-Jeep New Compass SUV System Integration Responsible for FIAT Chrysler Automobile (China).

-Participated in FondTech E11 electric racecar program in Italy.

TANG Xiaoming (Shawn)